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The NumeralJoker/MechaSalesman 4K HDR Edits Megathread, Clips Previews, and Release Info
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18-Dec-2020, 1:55 AM
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Hal 9000 said:

Would you recommend watching all your TCW films in the order they’re numbered? (Batch one all the way down the list, batch two all the way down the list, etc.)

And the list above has several episodes to watch on Disney+. Would it be fine to skip these and just watch what you’ve done? I’m more than okay with missing some stuff and getting the best and/or most important parts.

Is what you included in your Siege of Mandalore cut of ROTS available elsewhere in your material, or just there? I don’t want to miss the end of TCW if I skip it.

Also, should I watch (your version of) the TCW 2008 movie first, or is the relevant stuff included in your other TCW film set?

Man, this whole set looks like a TON of work.

Of the stuff I’ve released so far, here’s the viewing order that’s included with the latest batch. All of the show’s most important plot related episodes are included within Batches I and II alone, while batches III (and eventually IV) will include less crucial stuff (though still very many enjoyable arcs).

The Clone Wars Season 1 Content:
The Clone Wars 2008 Film Extended Cut
0.1 The Malevolence Film Cut
0.3 The Gunray Chase Film Cut
0.7 The Battle of Ryloth Film Cut

Season 2 & 3 Content
0.8 The Second Battle of Geonosis Film Cut
1.0 The Mandalore Plot Film Cut
1.1 The Menace of Cad Bane Film Cut
1.4 The Young Boba Film Cut
1.9 The Heroes on Both Sides Film Cut
2.0 The Nightsisters Film Cut
3.0 The Mortis Film Cut
3.1 The Citadel Film Cut

Season 4 & 5 Content
3.3 The Mon Cala War Film Cut
4.0 The Battle of Umbara Film Cut
4.1 The Slavers of Zygerria Film Cut
4.2 The Rako Hardeen Film Cut
4.3 The Rebellion of Onderon Film Cut
4.4 The Young Jedi Film Cut
4.5 The Droid Adventure Film Cut
5.0 The Return of Darth Maul Film Cut
6.0 The Wrong Jedi Film Cut

Season 6 Content
6.1 The Order 66 Arc Film Cut
6.2 The Banking Clan Film Cut
7.0 Yoda’s Journey Film Cut
The Son of Dathomir Audio Comic (Bonus)
Revenge of the Sith - The Siege of Mandalore Cut

The film cuts labeled 1-7, and the TCW 2008 Extended Film cut which introduce Ahsoka Tano are THE most essential, which is why I released that batch (and the Extended Film edit) first, while The Order 66 Arc from Season 6 (6.1), and the Rako Hardeen Arc from Season 4 (4.2) are also fairly important, though not AS crucial overall. The rest are great, but much more optional. The Numbering system was designed so that I could add to the existing order without needed to change file names and don’t have too much meaning beyond that. The Bonus audio Comic also has some semi-important events, but is an arc few people will ever see since it’s an unused set of television scripts that was adapted into a comic (and then given some solid voiceover work by a well known youtube channel).

The Revenge of the Sith/Siege of Mandalore Cut is also pretty crucial, as a lot of stuff happens in the TCW Finale that will connect with later lore in the Disney canon. If you wish to watch my cut, you can, or if you prefer to just watch Season 7 on D+, you also can. Of course, it’s hard for me to separate the two now since they’re so intricately connected in my brain, and the S7 finale was obviously written with ROTS in mind to add to its events. The first arc of Season 7 (The Bad Batch), which I have not done a cut of yet will also be a setup for the upcoming spinoff show, which will be kind of a Season 8 continuation of TCW in a sense. However, the other 2 season 7 arcs are otherwise not all that essential. Everything I have not edited yet from seaons 1-6 is either a solo episode, or a less crucial 2 parter.