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The Kenobi Movie Show (Spoilers)
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14-Dec-2020, 12:59 PM

ZkinandBonez said:

Perturbator said:

I’d be more worried if this mini series promised something less than epic. I’m all for another Obi-Wan vs Vader duel and more onscreen insights into Vader’s mission, but what excites me more is the possibility of smaller duels and skirmishes with a posse Vader’s Jedi Hunters (the knights of ren we never got). I just hope they give each of these hunters enough development and characteristics to be both menacing and memorable.

Considering the time period in which the series will be set it’s very likely that we’ll get to see some of the Inquisitors which has now appeared in Rebels, Fallen Order and various comic book stories. We might get to see familiar characters like the Grand Inquistor in live-action, though probably some new ones that can be killed off by Obi-Wan and/or whoever he ends up allying himself with. We might even get to see some live-action Purge Troopers.

Yup…already totally geeking out about those prospects. Never watched the cartoons, so I’m more familiar with some of those from playing Fallen Order which was the best thing since Dark Forces 2 and KotOR imo.