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Going away? Post so here!
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13-Dec-2020, 10:53 PM
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14-Dec-2020, 2:24 AM
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If you truly knew the people you were talking about, you’d see it another way. Taking random posts out of context doesn’t make your version of events any truer. I agree the bickering is pointless. The incident with Fated-Dualist was to counter his own accusations about a member who can no longer defend himself here.

I find it odd you, a new member who joined in 2020, are digging up two year old posts from another forum while Fated-Dualist accused them of stalking. Seems odd. Not to mention the linked post to Frink clearly shows he doesn’t tolerate any of the things that Fated-Dualist linked to him. This whole thing is just sad.

As for the whole ‘us’ vs. ‘the enemy’, I can’t help but recall when I received an interrogative PM from oojason when I made an innocent post about looking at the old politics thread, as so much time has passed since then and there are posts there that date back to the George W. Bush administration, demanding if I was in cahoots with Warbler, someone I don’t even talk to. It was weird.

See ya.