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13-Dec-2020, 3:08 PM

Edge Codes documentary (2004) by Travesty Productions (Trailer) (Full Doc) (Full Doc)

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Quote : "Film editing has been called “The Music of Light”, “Sculpture in Time”, and “The Mobile Architecture of Film”. But what is montage? What role does film editing play in the art of cinema? How has it evolved, what does it reflect in the world around us, and where is it taking us next?

The documentary film Edge Codes addresses these most fundamental of cinematic questions, and elevates awareness and appreciation of the history, art, craft, and technology of motion picture editing. In combining film excerpts and interviews with eminent film editors, directors, and academics, Edge Codes demonstrates with its own style the very principles and techniques it examines.

Edge Codes delivers an entertaining and informative exploration of the motion picture’s “visual language”: its vocabulary of shots and sequences, its grammar of image assembly, and its evolution as a living, changing, global language."

Documentary’s focus is on the artistry behind editing film. Star Wars and George Lucas show up multiple times. [Connections to George’s film education history and the Canadian Film Board; editing techniques in Star Wars which were needed because of limitation of the shot film/characters; section on the EditDroid; and the transition to all digital and editing/rewriting/changing in all phases of a film’s development.]

Probably remember hearing about this doc coming out in the year leading up to RotS and probably the first time I heard the word Edge Codes. Unfortunately zero technical discussion of how edge codes work or exists but if you are interested in the theories or techniques used in film and how they evolved over time with the evolution of the equipment involved, then this is well recommended documentary to check out.