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Mando EP2: Search for the Jedi [V2 RELEASED]
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12-Dec-2020, 4:42 AM

So disappointingly chapter 15 was pure filler. Some great individual moments like seeing inside Slave 1, seeing Din remove his helmet and the seismic charges. However, it’s 100% side quest.

However, it can be easily cut. I’ve moved the Gideon/Child scene forward slightly so that it occurs whilst Din and Boba are heading for Nevarro. Then I have the Din/Cara conversation which cuts to the Din holo transmission to Gideon - the implication being that Cara manages to get Gideon’s co-ordinates off screen.

Here’s hoping for a long final episode otherwise I’m going to be stuck in the horrible position of season 2 being too long for 1 film, but too short for 2 😦.