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The Last Jedi: A ST One-Film Edit (WIP)
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8-Dec-2020, 1:51 PM

Lifeincontext said:

Hey everyone!

After some necessary time away, I’m continuing my work on this.

A few things:

  • When Finn finally tells Rey that he’s a stormtrooper, I’ve added some flashback over that conversation with a couple moments from the original opening. It works!

  • I’m having trouble with the transition from Finn’s death into the Last Jedi. The scenes up until Rey & Chewie leave are really hard to work around, given that so much needs to be cut. I would love feedback/ideas about how to handle this. Here’s my thoughts so far:

  1. We see Chewie with the Falcon pick up Rey; cut to Resistance base, where Leia & Rey have their moment. Cut to Leia mourning Han (flashback to convo about Ben), then C-3PO interrupts. Cut from Leia’s “Tell me.” to Rey blasting off from the planet.
  2. Blackout on Rey mourning Finn. Cut to either Leia mourning Han (same as above) OR Leia bidding Rey goodbye before she leaves.
  • I’m still playing around with the ending. Thoughts?
  1. For right now, no more Kylo visions. Instead, after Rey cuts off Kylo, we cut to black. Then the next shot is the Death Star. I had some establishing shots of the interior, but they’re not long enough for it to flow, so those are gone. Instead, we cut from the initial establishing shot/maybe a shot or two of the gigantic waves splashing over the death star to Kylo remembering Han’s death/his father’s visitation. I’m also including a brief Rey-Kylo connection using the “I did want to take your hand” line.
  2. After Kylo leaves the Death Star, Rey arrives on Tatooine. I still have to decide between the two placements of the broom boy scenes. It’s either Rey approaches the homestead --> Kids story time…broom sweeping --> Rey sliding down hill OR Old woman asks Rey who she is --> Kids story time…broom boy sweeping --> Rey sees Luke. The ending beats would be the same either way.

I’m excited to get back to work. My goal is for this edit to flow as seamlessly as possible. I’m also admittedly a bit of a perfectionist, which may not be a great quality for fan-editing. Thanks to everyone who’s corresponded for your help!

Hey everyone,

Still working on this edit. Been busy with grad school applications/work, but I’ve been tackling other details. I’m now in the place to come back to the above problem spots. Anyone have any ideas?