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Anakin Starkiller
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6-Dec-2020, 7:05 PM
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I find TRoS more interesting than The Mandalorian. I just like my big epic Saga, okay? I don’t really see the appeal of Mando.

I think Last Crusade is the worst Indiana Jones film.

I actually agree by virtue of retreading too much ground from the first film. Abrahamic artifact, desert chase, Sallah, Marcus, Nazis (okay, this one I can sort of excuse, but it is still weird how out of the four movies only these two share villains), etc…

ROTJ would get absolutely savaged for the amount of runtime wasted on teddybears if it came out today, and only gets a pass because it’s been out for 37 years. It’s great, though.

In some circles (like here), it already does.

The PT & ST reflect each other perfectly — equally terrible in diametrically polar ways.

Is this really an unpopular opinion? Thought it was cannon…

From what I’ve seen, most fans love one trilogy, loathe the other, or enjoy both. Fans who dislike both trilogies seem to be in the minority.

While yes, those who hate both are relatively rare, most would agree their strengths and weaknesses are directly opposite.

I love Jar Jar and find him to be criminally underrated.

Jar Jar gang rise up!