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The Clone Wars: Refocused [COMPLETE] - Plus the (Improved) Citadel Arc!
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6-Dec-2020, 4:32 AM

EddieDean said:

Smudger, lovely to have you with us, your input is very welcome here! I think your first movie intercuts really nicely, which manages to permit the slightly compressed timeline. It definitely works.

I can’t imagine a version of the Huttlet crisis storyline that isn’t painful to watch, but maybe that’s a failure of imagination. I’m glad you mention rescoring though, because like Downfall/Duel of the Droids it does have that really awkward rock music that they experimented with early.

Szopman, I actually quite like both Cat and Mouse and Hidden Enemy, enough that I’ve thought about seeing if I can include them as a later “return to Christophsis” arc.

But I feel like you’re right that this project would prefer to trim them from our first episode (assuming I use some variant of Smudger’s), for pacing and to best help focus the audience on what will be our central character.

Why not cut it into 2 entries then? 😀 Then you have one 40min episode introducing the better, more cinematic one 😀😁