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Info: Mono soundtracks that were butchered with 5.1 remixes in later releases
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5-Dec-2020, 6:04 AM
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5-Dec-2020, 6:23 AM
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ok here you go, I didn’t have the video finished yet

the sound of the shotgun falling to the ground, Max falling on the car, and the bird wing noises are all not in this version, which is a recording of an Australian broadcast from 1985

meaning they were never in the Aussie track to begin with, they were first added to the US dub, the region 2 DVD has an altered mono track and the Kino release is correct

with the exception of putting the clips together, I didn’t touch the recording at all (I even left in the PAL speed up), the first clip is to showcase it’s from a broadcast (yes the Superman theme was always there, it was added by the channel who aired this) and the last clip at the end is to show that it does in fact have the Aussie dialogue