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5-Dec-2020, 4:59 AM
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The Sequel Trilogy was pretty good overall, even if TROS was only a 3/10.

Most of the ST’s faults can be traced to J.J. Abrams and not Rian Johnson, who has a much deeper understanding of Star Wars and wrote a much more interesting and engaging movie.

Han appearing to Ben metaphorically makes vastly more sense than having Anakin’s ghost do so literally.

Redeeming Ben and having Reylo happen was the right call - too much is made about him being some abusive murderer considering this series is a mythic fantasy where our heroes also rack up huge kill counts and show even less remorse.

Victory Celebration is pretty generic and I much prefer Yub Nub (even though I didn’t grow up with the OOT).

Attack of the Clones is a comfy movie and is more emotionally resonant than Revenge of the Sith, which I find frustratingly hollow and disappointing.

Solo is really solid; better than Rogue One, which is overrated.

Star Wars movies should absolutely have something to say about politics, even contemporary politics, and I appreciate the Lucas-era movies for having some surprisingly spicy takes on American imperialism and how fascism can come about.

ROTJ would get absolutely savaged for the amount of runtime wasted on teddybears if it came out today, and only gets a pass because it’s been out for 37 years. It’s great, though.