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Unpopular Opinion Thread
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4-Dec-2020, 10:00 PM
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A thread to discuss your unpopular Star Wars opinions.

I’ll start:

The Prequel Trilogy is the best era.

Rogue One and The Last Jedi are the best films of the Disney era.

Solo is too modern and topical but has some pretty cool concepts and moments. Namely Enfys Nest’s reveal and Darth Maul’s appearance.

Anakin’s fall to the Dark Side doesn’t feel rushed.

The Ewoks are cute and feisty.

Clone Wars and The Clone Wars are both equally great series.

Disney should’ve followed George’s Sequel Trilogy treatments.

The Original Trilogy is just as flawed as the Prequel Trilogy but they’re both amazing.

Rebels is a fun series.

Anakin and Padme’s romance is believable.

Attack of the Clones is severely underrated.