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44rh1n's "The Fellowship of the Ring" Extended Edition Color Restoration (Released)
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2-Dec-2020, 6:23 PM
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2-Dec-2020, 6:23 PM
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Harmy said:

I also finally got a look at it. I still prefer the theatrical colors when looking at it side by side but on its own, it looks great. The only thing that bothers me is that to my taste, they went a little over board with dnr. It’s really good state-of-the-art dnr, so it didn’t really remove any detail but it looks a bit clinical and digital.

I agree, I still prefer the original color from the theatrical/extended DVD. But I have to admit the HDR is really nice.

Also, I actually noticed that there’s some really nice grain throughout the film, although it’s very fine, subtle grain. You’re right that they’ve definitely applied some DNR, (and more than I would have liked). But I’m grateful they didn’t try to scrub out the grain completely, because there’s still a light amount of it that’s present in the film.

The DNR does feel a bit more prominent on VFX shots, though. But that may just be a resolution thing.