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Mando EP2: Search for the Jedi [V2 RELEASED]
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29-Nov-2020, 6:14 AM

Well, in my opinion, if you dont wanna cut all the great stuff, you should divide it into two movies (suposing it Will go like that) :

1st one: Mando’s Journey to find the Jedi. Trimmed 1st ep, some bits of the 2nd ep, Episodes 3,4,5 with some Trimmed moments of course. At the end, it turns out that the protagonist has to follow another path. Maybe as a cliffhanger, or a postcredid scene, you could move the last scene of the 2x4 😉

2nd one: suposing we d get the 2part finale at least, the shorter 1h30movie.

Thats the only Way i can think of when it comes to a movie format of s02. This season is So much better than the 1st one. The first one, i think I ll always prefer to watch your fanedit as a pilot movie, but the second one, damn, i May even rewatch it all again 😯 anyway, waiting to See how you gonna deal with it 💪🏽