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Star Wars Episode I: Age of the Jedi (WIP Phantom Menace Edit)
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28-Nov-2020, 9:55 PM

A little something on my mind. Rewatching the edit so far, we hardly get a taste of the might of the Federation until the final act. I’m wanting to add a scene earlier of the film showing the droid army ravaging the streets of Theed, but there’s one issue: There’s not really much usable footage of their occupation (most have Padme or her entourage in it, which wouldn’t make sense as they’re with the Jedi).

Is there perhaps some footage from some sort of commercial, series, or whatever of Battle Droids roaming the streets of a city that could pass for Theed, blasting people? The closest thing I can think of is The Mandalorian, but those are Super Battle Droids.