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Is anyone looking forward to Lord of the Rings Deleted scenes next year?
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26-Nov-2020, 2:37 PM
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As the title says…

Here is a compiled list of what might make it on to the summer release next year…

Scenes we know where filmed:

—Additional Prologue material:
-Sauron stabs his hand and the blood mixes with gold to form the One Ring [FOTR Calendar]
-The torching of Gil-Galad at the hand of Sauron (movie book and filmmaker confirmed).

-Elf maidens run through Lorien (from 1st trailer [this is 2nd Age Lorien, not 3rd Age])
-Many more and varied shots of the Last Alliance battle (from Vanity Fair and many early photos).
Shots of Legolass and Gimli when explaining the dwarves and elf races.

—Additional Hobbiton material:

-“Say what you like about Mad Baggins. No one keeps a better table.” – Random hobbit discusses Bilbo while setting up for the party (from a official site featurette) .

More Dancing at the party and Merry and Pipin play some instruments

-“The Shadow has arisen.” Extended Gandalf/Frodo discussion in Bag End. (from FotR Tv Spot, see .

—Additional Isengard material:
-“Tell me, Gandalf the Grey, you – to whom so many look for guidance…how is it you can be so blind? The world is changed, Gandalf. A new Age is at hand…the Age of Men, which we must rule. Are we not the Istari? Within this frail human form does not the spirit of a Maiar live?” Extended Gandalf/Saruman discussion (from official calendar [which was highly accurate as to the extended version of FotR]) .

—Additional Departing the Shire material:
-It is made known that the hills of Emyn Beriad are mentioned as the place where Gil-galad built the White Tower for Elendil. (from official calendar) .

—Additional Prancing Pony material:
-Strider: “your courage alone will not save you.” “Sauron gave them the promise of eternal rule…unending life. They took the Rings without question…and one by one, regardless of their strength to good or evil…they fell. They are the Ringwraiths, the Nazgul, the Nine Servants of Sauron.” Extended Strider/Hobbits discussion. (from official calendar) . The dialogue is not accurate but when the ring wants to be found in the prancing pony pub we do not intercut between the ring wraiths and frodo instead Aragorn narrates over the images after he says “I know what hunts you”… “They wereonce men, great kings of men. Then Saurin the deciever gave to them nine rings of power. Blinded by their greed they took them without question, one by one falling into darkness. Now they are slaves to his will”. interestingly the shot of the ring flying up out of frodo’s hand on a black screen can be seen in the 2 towers Galdriel monologue with the completed background…

—Additonal Weathertop material:

There is a loot plundared from a cave near the ledge.

-Aragorn and Arwen first meeting when young. This would be a flashback whilst Aragoen sings and is asked “Who is she?”

“Give us the ring halfling” and “The ring is ours” extra ringwraith dialogue as they approach Frodo

—Additional Ford of Bruinen material:
-Elrond and Sauron stage a metaphysical battle for control of Frodo’s spirit (Peter Jackson, DVD Commentary).
The Green Puss is missing from Frodo’s face amongst flipped shots of the Black Riders.

—Additional Rivendell material:

-Elrond throws a welcome party with singing and feasting, much as in the book [Jackson DVD commentary]
-Elrond recites the entire Ring poem. (from extended DVD documentary).

All that is gold does not glitter; all that is long does not last;
All that is old does not wither; not all that is over is past.
Not all that have fallen are vanquished; a king may yet be without crown,
A blade that was broken be brandished; and towers that were strong may fall down

-Elrond: “To what Frodo will come in the end, I cannot tell.” Gandalf: “Not to evil, I think. He may become like a glass filled with a clear light…for eyes to see that can.” These two discuss Frodo as he lies asleep. (from official calendar) .

-“There’s magic here, right down deep where you can’t put your hands on it. They live in both world’s at once. The seen and unseen. So alive, but so sad.” Sam/Frodo discuss elves as they explore a gazebo in Rivendell. (Official photos, books.) This scene is present in the EE edition with no dialogue and shortened.

-Gandalf: “Through all those long years you knew this day would come. The ring of power… it has been found.” Elrond: “Did I know the Ring would be found? No…it is what I feared. Time wearies all of us – even those who do not measure it.” Extended Gandalf/Elrond discussion in Rivendell.(From official calendar and FotR TV Spot, see

—Additional Council of Elrond material:

-“Let folly be our cloak, a veil before the eyes of the Enemy…He will not think that, having the Ring, we may seek to destroy it.” Gandalf/Boromir discussion at the Council (from official calendar).
= Boromir “No, it is a gift…”
-“It must be destroyed!” Gandalf’s vigorous plea at the council (from virtually every TV spot).
-“Sauron mixed his own blood with molten gold to create the One Ring. It contains his life force!” Gandalf speaks at the council (from extended DVD documentary) .
-“Nine companions to match the Nine Ringwraiths…” Elrond at the council (from extended DVD documentary and calendar).

—Additional Departing Rivendell material:
-“The light of the Evenstar does not wax and wane…it is constant, even in the greatest darkness.” Arwen/Aragorn discussion (from calendar). Appears in the two towers in an altered form.
-“Nai Tiruvantel ar varyuvantel I Valar tielyanna nu vilya.” (Translation: May the Valar protect you on your path under the sky.) This is indeed the hour of the Shire-folk.“ Elrond’s extended blessing (official calendar).
-Elrond has a conversation with Frodo about if he is comfortable with the fellowship (Script)
-It is made known that Elrond possesses the Ring of Vilya (official calendar) .
-It is made known that Arwen is the last-born of her people (official calendar) .
-Legolas and Arwen touch each other’s faces fondly as they depart (extended DVD documentary).

—Additional Journey South material:

-Gandalf stumbles down a steep hill. Legolas catches him. “Blast! Why did the Valar send me here in this old man’s body! No matter. It is not the strength of the body that matters, but the strength of the spirit.” Gandalf philosophizes, (from official books, calendar, and photos. )
-Evidently, it is revealed that Gandalf, Saruman, and Sauron are all Maiar spirits. (official calendar) .

—Additional Caradhras material:

-“Moria - Khazad-dum! Greatest of the Dwarf Halls – what I would not give to look on its treasures!” Gimli tries to persuade the group (official calendar) .
-“One must tread the path that need chooses.” Gandalf attempts to justify Frodo’s choice to try the Mines of Moria (official calendar).

—Additional Moria material:
-“Now you will see, Master Elf, one of the marvels of the Northern World” A slightly varied version of Gimli’s final edit line. (official calendar) .
-Extended stair sequence. Frodo’s perspective is shown as the Fellowship races down the stairs of Moria. Frodo almost falls off the edge. The ring almost falls as well, but Frodo catches it just in time. Frodo is almost hit by an arrow, but Aragorn blocks it with a dwarf shield he picked up. (all from Randall Cook interview on extended DVD).

As Aragorn stabs the Cave troll after it stabs Frodo there is a large spray of Black Blood {EE DVD Documentary footage censored scene)

First Great Hall Trimmed - The 2 shots below seem to be missing splices from Boromir lines “This is no Mine… It is a tomb”

—Pursuit into Lothlorien:

-A band of Moria orcs pursue the Fellowship into Lorien. Running through the woods dodging arrows, Legolas spins around to return fire. Suddenly arrows start appearing ahead of the Fellowship, mowing down the orcs behind them. Haldir and his naith appear. Haldir addresses the Fellowship while other elves retrieve their arrows from the dead orcs: “Orcs have dared enter Lothlorien; they will not leave it alive!” [from trailers, tv spots, photos, books, and calendar] Legolass costume changes.

-Extra Dialogue between Haldir and the fellowship whilst trekking and they look out towards Dol-goldur and discuss the growing evil before they reach the treetop city (Script). Notice how it changes between day and night too quickly in this part.

-Frodo sees Gandalf in Galadrials mirror “Do not touch the water” extra scenes of the scorge of the shire (Script and EE DVD documentary) I imagine Frodo was too see the Maia spirit gandalf after the defeat of the Balrog in the Mirror. The script states Gandalf was to look at frodo intently and was wandering on a road.

—Additional Isengard material:
-Saruman: “The Grey Wizard is dead. His rag-tag Fellowship is leaderless. There is none left to defend it.” [FOTR Calendar] Talking to Sauron? or the Witch King there is a shot of the Palantir held within a Black Riders Hand Armour.

—Additional Great River material:

-Sarn Gebir rapids partially shot scene…Because the set was destroyed although there could be more shots of the boats and there is also concept art of an attack at night by orcs. Possibly preceeding Gollum on the log.

-Aragorn: “The Argonath. It once marked the northern border of Gondor.” [SEE DVD documentary]
-Aragron: “Amon Hen – the Hill of Sight. They say that all that moves for hundreds of miles around is revealed to one who sits upon the Seeing Seat. Such was the power of the ancients.” [FOTR Calendar]
-When looking out from the seeing seat, Frodo sees a great expanse of the world and all of Sauron’s forces moving (burning Lorien, Corsairs, Moria, Dale, etc. ) [SEE DVD Commentary] Probably best to save this for later…

-Sarumans Crows spotting the group on the river? This one is a guess but on the aerial swoop shot and the group looking about you can hear the crows but none are seen. Missing effects shot?

Extended scene where Boromir trys to take the ring (DVD commentry)

-Extra fighting scenes at Amon Hen

  • Frodo and Sam being attacked by Uruk-hai whilst in the boat (alternative scene)

The Two Towers:

  • Extra scenes of Merry & Pippin with the Uruk-hai & Orcs (the cut that appears in the film is a combination of two separate camp scenes)

-An unknown scene displayed in The Two Towers preview of Éomer lowering a spear while riding his horse in a forest. This is possibly the discovery of Theodred being found near death at the river.

-Extra Burning of the westfold scenes

When Aragorn Legolas and Gimli find the dead Uruks Gimli has a gag about them having healthy appetites upon seeing the remains of the orc they ate.

  • Legolas and Treebeard talking about the Elves passing

  • Grima poisoning Theodred… A blue bottle was included with the action figure of Wormtongue

—Additional Gollum material:
-Sam calls him “slier than a fox and slippery as a fish.” [TTT Visual Companion]
-Extended monologue: “No, no Master! Don’t take the precious to him! He’ll eat us all if he gets it, eat all the world. [TTT Visual Companion]
-In the marshes he says, “Tricksy lights! Candles of corpses! Wicked lights! You must not look at them when the candles are lit…” [TTT Visual Companion]

Gollum is beaten more harshly in an extended version of the scene by Faramirs guards.

—Additional Uruk-hai material:
-”We are the fighting Uruk-hai… the servants of Saruman the Wise, the White Hand…” [TTT Visual Companion]

—Additional Three Hunters material:
-Aragorn: “Where sight fails the earth may bring us rumor. The land must groan under their hated feet.” [TTT Visual Companion]

—Additional Eomer material:
-Eomer: “We welcomed guests kindly in the better days, but in these times the unbidden stranger finds us swift and hard.” [TTT Visual Companion]
-Eomer “I serve only the Lord of the Mark, Theoden King, Son of Thengel.” [TTT Visual Companion]
-Gandalf: “Put your trust in Eomer, rather than a man of crooked mind.” [TTT Visual Companion]
-Eomer: “He has taken orcs into his service, and wolf-riders, and evil men, and he has closed the gap against us, so that we are likely to be beset both east and west.” [TTT Visual Companion]

—Additional Ent material:
-Treebeard: “Ere iron was found or tree was hewn, when young was mountain under moon; ere ring was made or wrought was woe, it walked the forests long ago. [TTT Visual Companion]
-Gandalf: “The oldest living thing that still walks beneath the Sun upon this Middle Earth.” [TTT Visual Companion]

—Additional Edoras material:
-Gandalf: “Golden, too, are the posts of its doors.” [TTT Visual Companion]
-Grima: “Ever have you been the herald of woe.” [TTT Visual Companion]
-Gandalf: “Ever his whispering was in your ears… poisoning your thoughts." [TTT Visual Companion]
-Theoden: “Banishment is too good for you."[TTT Visual Companion]

—Additional Orthanc material:
-When Grima returns to Saruman there is a line by Saruman: “Theoden made two mistakes. First he trusted you, then he let you live.”[TTT Photo Guide]
-Saruman: “With it, I shall be more powerful than the Lord of the Rings himself.” [UNABLE TO FIND SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE THAT THIS LONG-RUMORED SCENE WAS SCRIPTED/FILMED.]
-In the underground caverns a returning Uruk is fed to the Wargs for failing to bring back the ring before they are ordered to be sent out to attack the refugees travelling to helms deep.

-Warg Attack after one of the Rohan soldiers are Bitten / Eaten Legolass runs in and slices an Orcs throat whom was riding the Warg note cut to Black… Censored scene.

—Additional Faramir material:
-Madril says “Since the loss of Boromir he does the duty of two sons… -for himself …and the one who will not return.“ [TTT Visual Companion]
-Faramir catches a glimpse of Frodo as a ruined Gollum-like creature in the caves of Henneth Annun [SEE Documentary]

  • Once they Leave for Osgiliath as they get closer Frodo struggles with the power of the ring in a field whilst Faramir is perhaps not so understanding and with Gollum in tow with Sam.

—Arwen’s Choice:

  • “You gave away your life’s grace. I cannot protect you anymore.” Elrond to Arwen The balcony scene was meant to mirror the Bridge upon which Arwen and Aragorn met.

-Arwen travels to Lothlorien speaks to Galadriel and then travels to fight beside Aragorn at Helm’s Deep [SEE DVD commentary]

—The Council of Elves:

-Galadriel: “The Rings of the Elf Lords were not made as weapons of war or conquest. They cannot come to the aid of Men.”[TTT Photoguide]
-Celeborn: “We have seen too many defeats, too many fruitless victories, to trust again to the strength of men.”[TTT Visual Companion]
-Elrond: “If we do not trust to the strength of men then we trust to the victory of Sauron.” [DVD Preview] It seems Galadriels monologue and Elrond at the Window is constructed from this removing Elronds presence.

—Preparing for Battle:
-Aragorn: “I am of the world of Men and these are my people: I will die as one of them.” [TTT Visual Companion]
-Theoden: “Arise now riders of theoden! Dire deeds awake, dark is it eastward. Let horse be bridled, horn be sounded! Forth Eorlingas!” [TTT Visual Companion]
-Theoden gives his people a rousing pep speech in the armory at Helm’s Deep. [SEE Commentary]
-During the Battle of Helm’s Deep Legolas is worried: the defenders are frightened, and he fears three hundred of them cannot hold out against an army of ten thousand Urak-hai. He feels betrayed by his own people and believes that the Elves should not have left the Men to stand alone. [TTT Photo Guide]
-Haldir: “In days of old our people stood beside the King of Gondor.” [TTT Visual Companion]
-Arwen is a major part of the battle of Helm’s Deep [SEE Documentary]

  • As Haldir is overcome by Uruks there is extra shots of Aragon fighting his way up the stairs to try and save him on top of the wall before he is slain.

—Eowyn battles Uruks that break into the caverns of Helm’s Deep [DVD Preview, SEE Commentary] Interestingly Gimli does not ride out on horse back with Aragorn and Theoden. Arwen is seen in a shot briefly after Eomer attacks an orc.

—Cleansing of Isengard:
-Treebeard: “There is a wizard to manage here… locked in his tower!” [TTT Photoguide]
-Additional fighting maneuvers made by Ents. [Magazine Interview] seen in pre-viz animatic {EE Documentary)

—Frodo’s Seduction:
-More fisticuffs between Frodo and Sam [Elijah Wood interview]
-The “Fallen Angel” shot of Frodo from the TTT Trailer.

Scenes/Ideas that could possible be used:

  • The Balrog climbs out of the subterranean pool, like an oily, greasy, charcoal-like torch dipped in water. Then a pursuit up the Endless Stair. (The illustrations on the TTT:EE DVD).

Return of The King

-A line of dialogue during the death of Saruman, in which he reveals that Wormtongue poisoned Théodred, giving further context as to why Wormtongue kills Saruman and Legolas in turn kills Wormtongue.

-Elrond: “The Alliance of Elves and Men is over.” “The End has Come…,”

  • Arwen in Rivendell library researching the Paths of the Dead

“We Shall see the Shire again” Merry & Pippim part ways at Edoras

Narsil being dipped in water and Brandished by the sword smith (ROTK Trailer)

-Wormtoungue feeding Saruman… Mortar and pestle

Aragorn uses a flint to light the torch into the paths of the dead alternate to slapstick gimli bone cruncher posdibly. It seems there was a more serious tone to this scene with shots of skulls and skeletons also (similar to Kong when they get to the Native village on the coast) the entrance door had further shots the re-shoots seem to add the 1000’s skulls spilling out but also comedy and poor tonal adjustment.

  • Aragorn helps heal Faramir in the Gondor House of healing.

  • Sam using the Light of Eärendil to pass the Watchers at Cirith Ungol… Or there was a shot of them simply looking imposing perhaps with red eyes.

Extra Mummakil battle foitage a sequence was removed apparently about 30 seconds in length and features an Oliphant crashing into the city wall of Minas Tirith.

  • Aragorn having his armour fitted during the preparations for the Battle of the Black Gate. This was the final scene filmed during principal photography.[17]

  • Sauron fighting Aragorn at the Black Gate. A computer-generated Troll was placed over Sauron due to Jackson feeling the scene was inappropriate. Sauron is also seen in a beautiful form as Annatar, Giver of Gifts.[17]

Extra fighting at the Black Gate Merry being wounded during the final battle which was moved to pelanor fields. Intersting shot of Legolas aiming his Bow at something I would assume Sauron to save Aragorn? Gimli Blocks an Orc attacking him.

  • The wedding of Faramir and Eowyn

I personally think the deleted scenes for the Fellowship of the Ring are of the most interest but I am sure there will be a few surprises perhaps too… Can’t wait personally.