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HARMY's Despecialized Disappointment
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25-Nov-2020, 1:44 PM
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1-Dec-2020, 3:18 AM
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Hmm, perhaps you’d be interested in D+77, D+80 and OTD83 (or alternatively the “Destiny Edition” of ROTJ). These combine footage from the newer 4K masters of the special editions, which look much more natural and less oversharpened than the old blurays, with scans of theatrical film prints of the original trilogy. They’re not completely unspecial, but the things they do keep from the SEs are the more objective improvements like the better compositing, which makes the Endor speeder bike chase look a lot better.

Despecialised is quite outdated at the moment. There’s been a few big breakthroughs in recent years (4K film scans of the OOT, and the new Special Edition masters) and Harmy is currently working on a version of Despecialised which will take advantage of these.