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Idea: Knights of Ren Overhaul - Ideas for Fixing the KoR in TROS
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24-Nov-2020, 7:12 AM
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24-Nov-2020, 7:18 AM
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I posted this elsewhere to no avail but:

idea I have rn for shifting the Knights of Ren vs Kylo fight to earlier in the film, thus repurposing them as elite Sith cultists.

I’ve edited a scene to insert after kylo first confronts the emperor and draws his saber he is afterwards surrounded and attacked by an unnamed elite squad of the emperor’s cultists (a repurposed knights of ren). this would be a cool hostile action scene to help sway Kylo to turn on the emperor with Rey’s help (as he later asks of her).

The only problem is I’m no effects wizard ( I’ve seen it done quickly in Premier but can’t afford that program) and so I’d need someone to make his saber red for me to put into my edited clip.

Should anyone be kind/interested enough to help, I will provide the edited clip and send it via Google drive or mega link. It’s pretty brief as you all might recall.

*I will of course credit whomever for your help should my film edit be completed and made public, which is looking very promising.