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Moth3r's guide to LD capture colour correction using AviSynth (emphasis on "correction")
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23-Nov-2020, 5:27 PM

big idea I have rn for a scene to insert in a 3-in-1 where after kylo first confronts the emperor he is next seen on the run from the emporer’s imperial guards and then attacked by an unnamed elite squad of the emperor’s acolytes (a repurposed knights of ren). this would be a cool hostile action scene to help sway Kylo to turn on the emperor with Rey’s help (as he later asks of her). The only problem is I’m no effects wizard and I’d need someone to make his saber red for me to put into my edit (since he never comes to the light side and is later slain by Rey). would anyone be kind enough/interested enough to help?

I know this is easily done w/ Adobe Premier Pro and such but I simply don’t have/can’t afford the program. Icouldn’t find a request thread for such things so I’m asking here if someone could render that scene for me as described above. I can do the editing myself afterwards.