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Despecialized or the Special Editions; Which do you prefer - and why?
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23-Nov-2020, 2:31 PM

I really appreciate Harmy and the rest of the gang for all of their work on Despecialized. It’s nice to have another option for watching the Star Wars Trilogy.

That being said, the Despecialized versions are a strange beast in that they are an “undo” of a “redo” as opposed to just going back to the original. I realize 4K77/4K83 were made available after Despecialized, but I much prefer those versions as they are closer to the original, unaltered movies.

I enjoy the Special Editions and the original versions as well. Now that I have 4K77, Despecialized, etc, the Special Editions aren’t a version of the film holding the original version back (yes, I am still clamoring for an official release of the original, unaltered trilogy).

I watched A New Hope on 4K Blu-ray recently and enjoyed it immensely. It was great to have a clean-up version of the film.

I also watched 4K77 recently and it was great to see the film in it’s original form. I loved the grain from the 35mm print.