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The Mandalorian - a general discussion thread - * SPOILERS *
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20-Nov-2020, 9:32 AM

Z6PO said:

idir_hh said:

If they start veering down the Snoke/Palpatine/Exogol thread. I’m out.

It may very well be the backdrop of the story…

Exactly. Ever since we saw the kamino symbol on the doctor, when Mando delivers the child, it’s been pointing to the child being the important factor in the creation of Snoke and the resurrection of the Emperor. Todays episode, where the holo recording mentions needing a specimen with a really high “M” count (so glad they didn’t mention midichlorians by name) pretty much cemented that. We don’t get a good look at the failed clones. But the seeds were planted a long time ago. It’s all tied to the Emperors return. But will it turn out to be Ahsoka that becomes the missing piece needed for the resurrection and the child will no longer be needed? That wouldn’t surprise me with Filoni involved, especially now it’s confirmed she will be in the show.