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The Hobbit (M4 Book Edit)
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19-Nov-2020, 6:57 PM

LeperMessiah117 said:

Hmmmm, could be I do have an outdated version, though I obtained it the day the final update turned green… The part I’m referring to is the part right after Bilbo puts on the ring to escape the fighting in Dale transitioning to Thranduil and Dain fighting orcs upon their respective mounts.

Also, I’m not ruling out the possibility that some of these transitions I am only finding abrupt because I have watched the originals.

What I mean is that I deleted the version you have so the only version of the edit I have is the one in my editing software, which has different timestamps (I added like 30 seconds of footage back into the edit not exactly sure the exact length).

So it’s not your fault at all, you definitely got the right one that I posted, I just like to save space on my PC and remove the exported versions if I have done any changes.

But yeah, I just checked it out, that’s really weird, for some reason the audio clip was -5dB lol so I just fixed that. You’re the first person to catch that, so now the volume is back to normal & a bit louder. Should be fine. Thanks for finding that!