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Anakin Starkiller
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What were your "I called it" moments?
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16-Nov-2020, 9:08 PM
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16-Nov-2020, 9:27 PM
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Anakin Starkiller
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Another another one, the snoke theories were crazy after TFA. Plagueis was one of the most popular ones, and I thought there was basically no way that would end up being the case.

It was blatantly obvious to me Snoke was a new character. Besides the fact that “omg it’s Darth Plagueis” means nothing to 90% of moviegoers and ruins the mystique of Palpatine’s tale, they literally said they considered making him female before the film came out, and his design was finalized at the last minute.

Not that it was hard to predict, but I remember saying that TROS would be a dumpster fire the moment JJ was announced as the director.

It had certainly sunk in by the time the film came out.