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The Mandalorian Discussion Thread - * SPOILERS *
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13-Nov-2020, 8:15 PM

RogueLeader said:

Rodney-2187 said:

I’ve never wanted the next episode of anything more than I do right now.

Just FYI, Filoni is directing episode 5, not episode 4 (which will be next week’s episode). Carl Weathers is directing next week’s episode, and since the only shots in the trailers we haven’t seen yet are from Mando going back to Nevarro and to see Greef and Cara, I’m guessing we won’t see Ahsoka next week, but the week after, on July 27th.

I’m guessing Mando stops by Nevarro to get his ship repaired properly (or they contact him asking for his help), and they have a run-in with some Imps in the meantime. (Possibly to help break a prisoner out?). And by the end of the episode Mando will head to the planet Ahsoka is apparently on.

Two weeks is excruciating enough, don’t make it eight months! lol

That director information makes a lot of sense. Maybe we get an Ahsoka tease at the end of episode 4? I just want to see what she looks like so bad!