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Nate D
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Return of the Jedi: The Destiny Edition v1.0 | Theatrical Reconstruction in 4K (Released)
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11-Nov-2020, 8:11 AM

I too am getting quite a number of invitation code requests from brand new users. If you are a first time user on these forums and have zero past history of investing into this community, you will not be given an invite code, and your PM will be ignored. No exceptions.

We are not members of this forum to see how much we can take for ourselves; we are here for what we can give back to the community and to each other and to make friends along the way. If all you want is a code to get “access” to something you want without investing the time to contribute and engage with this community, that isn’t fair to those of us who HAVE taken the time to do that.

I hate to be so hard-liner about this, but that is the way this community rolls.