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Idea & Help Wanted: for a 'The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas' (1973) edit
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10-Nov-2020, 8:52 AM

Nichole said:

I have seen the deleated church scene, it was my favorite scene and this was my favorite Christmas movie. I only wish I had a copy for you to do your project with. My mom recorded the movie on VHS from TV but that copy of it, even if it could be found, would be in pretty poor condition. If you ever find what you are looking for to finish this project, I would love to obtain a copy of it from you. Best Wishes.

I know this is an old post but wanted to update. I did find my mom’s old VHS tape. She had taped it back in like 1984/85 on a tape full of Christmas specials she had made for us when we were kids. It is in pretty bad shape but I ripped it (no professional equipment). I’ll get it uploaded soon if interested.

I still wish I could find a decent quality copy of these scenes at least in order to incorporate into an edit or something like that. Regardless, at least I found this “extended version” - albeit in pretty bad quality.