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The Rise Of Skywalker — Official Review and Opinions Thread
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5-Nov-2020, 10:52 AM

NeverarGreat said:

Absolutely. I’d say that the final entry should have been primarily about the First Order losing power from within, as their kidnapped troops were won over by the actions of Finn and Rose. That TROS casually murders these troops offscreen in the final scenes of the movie is the dagger in the back of the entire sequel trilogy.

That was when I truly realized that this was a movie with nothing artistically worthy to say. The mimicking of the ROTJ celebration and the crashing of the ships was hands down one of the most disappointing moments I have ever had at the movies. I asked myself two things; “what am I actually supposed to take away from this movie?” and “what was the point of being invested in the story in the first place if the conclusion feels like a complete cop-out?”. I actually really hate revisiting the way I felt sitting in that movie theater loll. But as someone who loves films and who wants to be a storyteller, I can’t thank the ST enough. Because its mere existence both inspired me, and made me invested in filmmaking as a whole. Despite my complaints with the story itself, it was a blast over the last few years hanging out on this site and talking about something that I love.