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How many times have you bought the movies?
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4-Nov-2020, 10:33 PM

9cames03 said:

I really wanna get Original trilogy laserdiscs, and the newer 4k releases, but have yet to do so.
Here are the star wars films that I currently have:

Original trilogy VHS - I believe the box set is from 1988, It’s the one with the movie posters on the cover; I don’t really know that much about the different vhs releases I just bought them on ebay.

Special Edition VHS with the gold covers - Ah yes, the ones that I grew up on. We love some PlayStation 2 Jabba and fastforwarding through the documentaries at the beginning.

Phantom Menace VHS

Attack of the clones DVD
Revenge of the Sith DVD

Prequel Trilogy Blu Ray set 2011
Original Trilogy Blu Ray set 2011 - My brother and I bought the trilogies separate for some reason. I really remember noticing the changes on this one. Especially the color grading in episode IV.

Star Wars, the clone wars film blu ray
The force awakens blu ray
Rogue one blu ray
The last jedi blu ray
Solo: a star wars story blu ray.

I do plan on getting the rise of skywalker blu ray at some point, but that was by far my least favorite of the disney era films and I don’t really feel motivation to spend 20-30 dollars on something that I won’t watch very often.

I don’t know from where you are.
But you can find the Laserdisc in eBay from 20 bucks.
I live in israel and for shippping and import y paid 98$ for the 1993 boxset (and that cost me 140$), and (funny thing, i just remember) for the 1997 boxset i paid 40$, 47$ for the shipping and didn’t paid import extras 😦, i got screw with the 1993 boxset haha)