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My Star Wars Saga Episodes 1-6 Edits (2/6 available) (WIP)
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4-Nov-2020, 8:18 PM

TestingOutTheTest said:

Since you’re editing the films partially for consistency… can you remove Palps referring to Luke’s lightsaber as “a Jedi’s weapon” in RotJ? It implies that he doesn’t care about lightsabers, yet still uses one in RotS.

I mean, Vader also uses a lightsaber and he’s also a Sith. He always was, even in 1977, as evidenced by the deleted line “This Sith Lord sent by the Emperor will be our undoing.” The actual meaning of the line is that he’s trying to make a point that Luke’s father was a Jedi but he was turned to the dark side, so that means Luke is perfectly capable of turning to the dark side permanently as well. And just because he says it’s a Jedi’s weapon doesn’t mean Sith can’t use them. The US military’s weapons are guns but that doesn’t mean our enemies can’t use them.