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2026 SE : The changes to the OT films & general 2026 (or future) SE discussion thread
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3-Nov-2020, 10:02 AM
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22-Nov-2020, 9:09 PM
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Gonk-DB94 said:

Fated-Dualist said:

There may be a couple more other projects of his to finish too, if I can convince him. Though they’ll be a while off, and these threads aren’t even finished yet (the relevant OT•com threads are still to found, read through, and added).

You have my attention, what sort of future project threads to do or finish?

The list of project threads that ooj sent me that he was working on, or was planning to work on, before he left the site due to the ongoing brigading and harassment

(click on the ‘Expand’ button below):

  1. A ‘#ReleaseTheOriginalTrilogy’ thread. A placeholder thread for info on how to politely contact Lucasfilm + Disney > (write, phone & twitter etc) and let them know fans still want the OOT released (on a modern HD format etc). Basically a continuation / update of ADM’s letter writing campaign from ‘back in the day’. A thread to give members the opportunity to contribute in the ‘fight’ for what so many members and the site still want - an offical release. (Also another good place for highlighting the facts and history of the OOT, Lucasfilms & GL’s contradictory and disingenuous statements.)

^ a final draft of this is complete - though ‘requires editing and polishing’. ✔️

2. Find quotes on the OOT being the preferred version / wanting a release of… etc, by people in and around Star Wars - including the crew / talent who worked on them.

^ ‘completed’ recently, (by me Fated) - in the It seems like nobody involved in the making of the OT has spoken up about GL’s oppression of the OOT thread ✔️

3. To create an Index & Help thread of popular / high post count threads in the ‘Technical and How To’ section of the site - to highlight oft-asked questions & posts (and point newer members to some of the more oft-repeated questions / FAQs before making further threads about oft-asked and already answered questions).

^ done & posted by Gonk: An Index of some OT•com threads from ‘How-To’s and Technical Discussions’… ✔️

4. Individual ‘SE changes and general discussion’ threads for each of the main OT releases (inc an OOT and also possible / hypothetical future release); OOT, '97, '04, '11, '19, '26 😉 Use images and gifs to break up any walls of text. Include general online articles as well as threads in each thread.

^ overview with some articles and categories already indexed for each individual thread. To complete. If decent / a good idea, to ask Jay to ‘sticky’ them in the ‘Theatrical Cuts vs Subsequent Releases’ section so they are all together and easy to find - as introduction type threads for new members to read up & join in on?. ✔️

^ completed by me (Fated).

  1. A centralised ‘current situation’ / ‘How easy / difficult would it be to restore and release the unaltered theatrical version of the OT on a modern home digital format?’ thread; an info thread on the current situation as to the OUT & what it would take on a restoration / technical level for an official release to happen… (despite George’s previous claims). Include links to relevant articles and other threads of note (including fan projects). Also note about the colour timing, differing sound mix options of the OOT etc.

  2. A centralised audio version of doubleofive’s ‘Star Wars Visual Comparisons’ project thread - or something akin to it. To list or index info on the various audio mixes / options (+ 35mm vs 70mm etc) for the differing pre-1997 SE releases on home releases. To link to many articles and threads on the subject.

^ done and posted by Gonk: ‘An Index of OT•com threads on all things the Audio of the Original Trilogy…✔️

I edited in above where a couple of the project threads have been completed and posted on here by myself (with permission of ooj). To me, each project ooj lists would be a big benefit for the and members here, though others may disagree.

I’ll try and attempt ‘Number 3’ in a few weeks, yet the other thread projects are way beyond my knowledge or capability. I hope others on here, with that knowledge, capability and energy may take them on, or do their own similar project thread for some of the ideas above. Maybe?


Edit - just Number 5 to do:-

A ‘How easy / difficult would it be to restore and release the unaltered theatrical version of the OT on a modern home digital format?’ thread. Anyone?