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Idea & Info: Grease - No Good official version exists?
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2-Nov-2020, 5:36 PM
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22-Dec-2020, 10:06 AM
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Like Disney’s Fantasia, Terminator 2, THX 1138, and the original Star War Trilogy, no good official version of this movie exists on disc format.

So there’s two main official versions:

The most recent 40th Anniversary release (on both blu and 4K)

The Grease Rockin Rydell (edition released in 2009)

Here you can compare all versions:

Each of these has advantages over the other.

The first issue is the logos. The original theatrical had blurred out Coca Cola logos. This is what is present on the older blu release. On the 40th anniversary release they went George Lucas and put CGI’d Pepsi logos.

The 40th anniversary release has original Paramount logos and the original audio mix. So it’s better than the 2009 release in that respect.

Now comes the image quality, which isn’t so clear cut which one is better.

Some comments taken from

"It’s not as simple as dnr vs no dnr in this case. The new release does allow more detail and there are shots that look plenty filmic but the experience overall is inconsistent. The colors are better this tike around although they can be oversaturated as well. I’d take this release over the old one any day, personally. I doubt the old Rockin’ Rydell is a great representation whereas the new release course corrects a bit too much.

Pick your poison."

“Despite the original audio mix – which was a HUGE temptation – I just couldn’t bite on this release… even though GREASE has always been a fave. (First crush I ever had was Olivia Newton John singing “Hopelessly Devoted”.) But all the Lucas-y crap with the Coke/Pepsi signs and the horrendously poppy, candy-coated revisionist color palette really turned me off. This ranks up there for me as one of the biggest home video disappointments, in a lonnnng lifetime-full of collecting this stuff.”

So this one is itching for a “despecialized” release, IMO. Perhaps the best way would be to take the 4K release, re add the blurred coke logos from the 2009 release, and fix the colors where needed?