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1997 SE : The changes to the OT films & general 1997 SE discussion thread
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1-Nov-2020, 7:13 PM
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George Lucas / Lucasfilm didn’t just not release ‘The Final Cut(the 1997 Special Editions) on DVD, but they have not released this version of the Original Trilogy on a more modern digital format either. Despite having quality prints of the 1997 cuts available and ready for release.

His previous disingenuous excuses given as to why he won’t release the OOT - money, time and effort in restoring the OOT certainly doesn’t apply to this 1997 SE version.

Given the huge amount of publicity at the time for these 1997 Special Editions and that they were also released in cinemas worldwide they are, themselves, an important piece of film history, as well as a large part of Star Wars history (for better or worse). And fans should have the option to buy & experience these films once again… on a high quality modern home format.

(As said on this site before, it would also be beneficial for those people involved in preservations of the Original Trilogy too.)

Worldwide cinema takings from the three 1997 Special Edition releases:

SW 1997 SE : - $256,905,873
ESB 1997 SE : - $124,830,460
ROTJ 1997 SE : - $89,388,357

Total : $471,124,690

The above total obviously does not include money from the home releases of the 1997 SEs on VHS, VCD and laserdisc. Nor selling the rights to TV companies to show them around the world. Or merchandising and toy sales. Not to mention the free advertising and ‘word of mouth’ publicity for the coming Prequel Trilogy films starting in 1999.


VHS Trailer 1: (18 seconds)

VHS Trailer 2: (15 seconds)


Edit: A decent article from three AV Club staffers about their respective experiences of watching the 1997 SEs at the cinema…

’1997 was the year Star Wars came back and never left’ (article published in 2017 at AVClub•com)