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2026 SE : The changes to the OT films & general 2026 (or future) SE discussion thread
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31-Oct-2020, 7:50 PM
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5-Nov-2020, 10:01 AM
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StarkillerAG said:

Are we sure that Fated-Dualist isn’t an oojason sock? 😉

Hah! That’s a big compliment, I think. Thanks 😃

Though no, I’m not, and nor are the other members who were recently accused by someone of being socks (in a wholly more serious manner). I’d say ooj had completed around 50% of this project before I finally convinced him to let me continue it and sent it me on. The idea, layout and many of the categories included are certainly his.

There may be a couple more other projects of his to finish too, if I can convince him. Though they’ll be a while off, and these threads aren’t even finished yet (the relevant OT•com threads are still to found, read through, and added).

5th Nov Edit: The OT•com threads for inclusion in these 6-part OOT/SE threads are all now complete! Phew!

^ If anyone has any suggestions for any further OT•com threads to be included please post them in the relevant thread - thank you

In all seriousness, nice threads! I’m sure these will be good resources. Just one problem though, did you really need to put the Yavin gif in every single thread? It gets a bit repetitive seeing it six times in a row.

Thanks for the ‘nice threads’ 👍

Some people may only be interested in certain Special Editions so I thought it best to include the Yavin gif in each thread. Given it is quite a ‘big thing’ occurring (and recent find by doubleofive) since the '97SE through to the '19SE it kinda made sense to have them in all of the threads. As ooj says, images and gifs can help break up the ‘wall of text = losing interest’ feeling in some lengthier posts.

Plus, anything that points more people to the work and findings of doubleofive’s tireless SWVC project and articles is only a good thing.


doubleofive said:

My name is doubleofive, and I approve these threads.

I am both honoured and humbled. (and I’ll let oojason know of your kind endorsement too!)

Vote 005!