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Help Wanted: Alternate / International Monkees episodes
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30-Oct-2020, 4:48 PM

SpacemanDoug said:

Don’t know how you could acquire these since I’ve never seen VHS rips of syndication airings

Sorry dude

I think it’s possible there are early 80s tapes out there to find if VHS heads who aren’t the biggest Monkees fans get tipped off to find them. At the very least, I have been in contact with fans who digitized the song excerpts from those episodes. Having copies of the full shows would be nice, because the end credits sometimes had spliced-in updates to the song info.

By spreading the word about this, I’m also hoping people in countries outside the US may dig up recordings of The Monkees episodes because there could be unique variations that went to other territories.

I just acquired some 35mm film prints I need to transfer as well.