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Hadrian sunrider
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The Ultimate Star Wars Saga
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27-Oct-2020, 9:10 PM

DuracellEnergizer said:

I’ve been doing some worldbuilding, and here’s what I’ve got nailed down for the SWS:RE Universe:

  • The setting is our own Milky Way, some 25,000 years into the future.
  • Earth has either been abandoned/forgotten or become the city-planet Had Abbadon.
  • The Galactic Republic is 10,000-18,000 years old and spans a million worlds.
  • The known galaxy spans 25% of the Milky Way.
  • Excluding genetically divergent subspecies, just over three dozen sapient races inhabit the known galaxy.
  • Though not particularly speciesist, the Galactic Republic is an almost entirely human/near-human domain. There are very few member worlds with significant non-human populations, and human/non-human admixture is almost unheard of outside the Outer Rim territories.
  • Strong AI doesn’t exist. “Thinking machines” are actually cyborgs — robot bodies controlled by cultured organic brains.
  • Manned fightercraft are considered archaic and hopelessly cumbersome in modern warfare. Armed forces tend to use either remote-controlled fighters or robot fighters in combat. Remote-controlled fighters have some advantage over robots, as an organic pilot can outwit the weak AI of robot fighters. However, in the event that a remote-controlled fighter is heavily damaged or destroyed, feedback through the neural interface can kill or brain-damage the organic controller.
  • Lightsabers are entirely mystical, non-technological weapons which can only be constructed and ignited by trained Force adepts. At the heart of every lightsaber is a kyber crystal, the colour of which is shaped by the psyche/preferences of the adept who meditates over it. The blade of a lightsaber is paper-thin, with monomolecular edges. They don’t generate heat, but cut through almost any material by severing covalent bonds.
  • Force-sensitivity isn’t genetic; it cannot be inherited patrilineally, and clones of Force-sensitives will not inherit their template’s Force-sensitivity. However, Force-sensitivity is often passed on matrilineally. And if one child in a set of twins (identical or fraternal) is Force-sensitive, their sibling(s) are invariably Force-sensitive as well.
  • All space flight and space combat is in three dimensions.
  • Single-biome worlds capable of supporting complex life are rare and often marginally habitable. Life on Hoth is limited to the equator, life on Tatooine to the poles, etc.
  • Hyperspace travel is relatively slow. Travel between Tatooine and Alderaan — both Outer Rim planets — takes five days along a good hyperlane.

Love most of these ideas

One idea to suggest

Hyperspace speed is severely slow

It takes five months to get across the Galaxy in the fastest possible speed