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Felicity (1998 WB Series) w/ Original Music Restoration Project (a WIP)
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26-Oct-2020, 3:02 PM
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17-Oct-2021, 11:51 PM
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EDIT: Thanks to the help of kind users on the forum, I have all the resources I need to restore every episode of the series for this project.

Hey all!

So I’m currently working on restoring the original music to J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves’ 1998 show Felicity, which aired on the WB.

In case you aren’t aware, the DVD release of the series replaced about 99% of the original broadcast music. Similarly, the streaming release of the show also has the replacement music.

For this project, I am using TVRip broadcast audio (for the original broadcast music) along with the official DVD audio (for the sections with no replacements) for the best quality version of Felicity (given the sources available). This hybrid audio track is synced to the DVD video.

Also, please keep in mind the TVRip audio is of varying quality due to the show’s original and syndication runs being in the early 2000s. Some bits sound as good as the DVD audio while some bits sound like VHS rips (there’s some hiss and crackle in some small areas, and sounds a smidge lower quality than the DVD audio, making some of the transitions between the two not 100% seamless). But unfortunately, that’s what we got, so until rights issues ever get worked out or it comes back to syndication, that’s what we’re working with.

Thanks for your understanding, and hope you all enjoy this project once it’s released!

Current Project Status (as of 10/17/21):

  • Season 1: 11/20 (Episode 1 and Episode 22 have no music alterations so are not counted)
  • Season 2: 0/23
  • Season 3: 0/17
  • Season 4: 0/22