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4K83 - Released
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24-Oct-2020, 12:44 AM

Yeah, don’t ever expect any of these fan projects to have a truly “final” release or ever be “done.”

Adywan was “done” with ANH:R over a decade ago, yet here he is making an HD recreation while simultaneously working on ROTJ:R. Hal 9000 said that the current version of his prequel edits were “final” dating all the way back to version 2 and they currently sit at version 6!

You can choose to either keep up with the most recent version of everything, or find one that you’re happy with and let that be the end of it (which is what I did with Hal’s v5 of Episode II and is almost certainly what I’m doing with 4K83 v1.4 - I did download v1.6 to try it out and found that I very strongly preferred v1.4).

But don’t EVER sit around waiting for the “final version” of a fan project to be released, because you’ll be waiting forever!