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Custom Crawl Creator: Revisited v3.0 [UPDATED] 3/4/21
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23-Oct-2020, 6:16 AM

Dazman said:

I can’t get render to work, it just makes black screenshots. I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while. I’m using version 2.8 of Blender. Can Jackpumpkinhead or someone else let me know what version of the program is used in the tutorial video? I could try with that older version.

You need to download version 2.79b of blender. The crawl creator currently does not work with version 2.8 because they removed the blender renderer and replaced it with Eevee. The workaround is to switch to cycles (which is slower) and change the material settings for all of the elements of the crawl which takes some time to do. So as of right now, the quickest solution is to uninstall version 2.8, then download and install version 2.79b, then open the Custom Crawl Creator with that. You can download 2.79b here: