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DeSpecialized Edition - Disc Playback Help
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23-Oct-2020, 12:43 AM

Benjjedi said:

thethelvmiester said:

how did you fix it

I played it on a PS4. So if the disc for Star Wars: DeSpecialized Edition (aka Ep. IV) is being played on, say, that or an X-Box One, here is what one a friend told me: “I had to pull up the lower/bottom information/display. I had to manually select the “title scene.” For my console, I went to title “10” to start the movie. Options “1-9” went through the other menu options.” that should do the trick.”

But for Return of the Jedi, you’ll need to do title “4”.

Sorry for the super-late reply.

Also forgot this detail, in terms of playing them on a PS4: “At the main menu, click the Options button on your PS4 controller, click Control Panel, then Jump (the button that looks like a right turn) and manually switch the Title to 10 (or 4, if you’re watching “Jedi”).”