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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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20-Oct-2020, 9:18 PM
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20-Oct-2020, 9:21 PM
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Hey HAL!

Just finished 6.1 LOVED IT! Only thing I thought was out of place was, again…The KOR voices. on Passana both the lines they say sound very layered on top of the audio and not…well said in that environment. Funny enough the voice lines on Exegol sound better its just on Passana where they sound so out of place, maybe because there is so little accompanying sound.

Also the second line after “Solo’s Wookiee” I legitimately could not understand for the life of me. Only after running it back 4 times I assume he says “I get his teeth”? Either way if something could be done with those lines as well I dont think I have any problems with it at all!

Still too quite as well. Had to max out my volume on my computer to make it sound appropriate,(and I’m wearing headphones).

The further polish is fantastic as well! The additional music makes the flying through the wall scene much better.

You guys even managed to pull off the Naboo shot, which is passable!

Everything you all have done is amazing and I’m so excited to have this in my library along with Poppasketti’s TLJ edit as my definitive SW versions.