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Cameron Samurai
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SouperboyX's "Last Son of Krypton" Is Now Available
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18-Oct-2020, 1:34 PM
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18-Oct-2020, 1:35 PM
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Smallville superfan SouperboyX, author of edits such as Superman: Genesis and World’s Finest, has stitched together “Last Son of Krypton”, a 5+ plus hour feature film merging Smallville with Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel”, even rotoscoping Tom Welling and grafting him on to Henry Cavils’s face.

Souperboy’s description of the project

"This is a project I conceptualized back in 2013 around the time “Man of Steel” was released. I thought the movie was great and loved the way Zack Snyder, David S. Goyer, Hans Zimmer, and others involved modernized the story of Superman. What they did in my view was present a realistic and gripping narrative on the idea of Superman existing in today’s world, with today’s consequences. Can Superman exist in a world with so much grey area? What is his purpose in the 21st century and was he going to have trouble withstanding the test of time, especially in a world with so many other modern superheroes? I love that DC took risks with Cavill’s Superman and think that there are many great qualities to his interpretation of the character. Themes like isolation, loneliness, identity, public opinion, cultural issues, and more are what make this new Superman exciting and relatable to me. But I also like the way Snyder visually presented this Superman as well. The flight sequences, the action, the grand scale, the musical rhythm, etc. It was great to see a Superman movie exhibit those elements with a big movie budget, and something that I would’ve loved to see “Smallville” do.

“Smallville” is still my very favorite depiction of the Superman story. The social implications of Clark having this humongous secret, the way the Kent’s undying love and support is portrayed, the existential questions Clark faces in nearly every episode about his purpose in the world, the complicated relationship he has with Lex Luthor; Themes of family, strength, destiny, love, and hope against significant odds represent “Smallville” to me. Being a long-running TV show, the creators (Alfred Gough and Miles Millar) really had a lot of emotional areas of Superman’s nature they could explore and they made the most of it. Tom Welling’s portrayal of Clark Kent is what I see as the definitive Superman to this day. We saw him grow up from teenager to hero, struggle with the pressure of having immense responsibilities with his gifts, and also try to adopt meaningful human relationships while being the farthest thing from normal himself. Welling’s Clark was vulnerable, scared, courageous, caring and most importantly, human. That’s what made him so relatable. That’s what brought the charm to “Smallville”. Which is something I wish “Man of Steel” had a bit more of.

I love “Smallville” and “Man of Steel” both in their own ways. My conceit behind this project is to take the best parts of both of them and merge them together to create what would be the definitive Superman story in my mind. I tried this in the past with “Superman: Genesis” and was still hindered by the lack of a grand, thematic Superman movie. Once “Man of Steel” came along I figured many of the elements of that fit in quite nicely to those of “Smallville” and that there could be an opportunity to try again.

So here it is. “The Last Son of Krypton”. 7 years in the making. This is my take on the 21st Century Superman. A 5+ hour fan-edited film that is meant to take you on a ride with the World’s Greatest Hero from A-Z. “Smallville” is the skeleton. “Man of Steel” is the meat. I also loved the style and aesthetic in “Superman Returns” and many elements from that are included as well."

Go to Youtube and type his name in the search, that should take you to the videos. The videos contain links to the edit, so I can’t share it

I’ll be leaving my thoughts in the review thread