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Childhood Misconceptions (aka The Trap Thread, but misconceptions still welcome)
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17-Oct-2020, 9:56 PM
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ZkinandBonez said:

SilverWook said:

Haarspalter said:

Due to the burnt corpses of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, i always thought a laser blast would slowly incinerate a dead body from inside.

Since blasters have stun settings much like phasers in Star Trek, something a notch below disintegrate must also be present. (Vader cautions the bounty hunters in ESB not to disintegrate their quarry.) Unless that was disintegration? I’ve had the unpleasant theory Owen and Beru were executed after refusing to divulge where the droids were, in order to protect Luke. Their bodies were posed, and then burned after death to complete the impression the Tuskens did it.

Yeah, I always assumed they simply burned them to blame it on the Tuskens as well. The burned farmhouse looks a lot like the scorched sandcrawler.

It’s also interesting to see that no one bothered to include disintegration in any SW live-action until recently in the Mandalorian. Even the stun setting was largely relegated to books and cartoons until it reappeared in TLJ. The only pre-Mandalorian disintegration I’m aware of were in the Jedi Knight games, which has somewhat of a Star Trek vibe to it.

I remember that. I always thought it looked like someone getting derezzed in Tron. There was a weapon that needed to be found in a custom Dark Forces level called the Black Whirlwind? that I wished someone had recreated for the later games.