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Idea Wanted... for solving Game of Thrones: The Ending Chapters
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17-Oct-2020, 2:28 PM

My take on the whole thing is everything went according to Bran’s plan.
Bran is actually the villain in the entire game of thrones story.
Ever since he gained his power and learned about his mind control ability that he used on Hodor, he set out to get revenged.
The Night King, since his great power and sees him as a threat, and sets out to stop him, but sadly fails.
Then when ever Bran has contact with people in the rest of the seasons they revert to a closer version of how he saw them in his mind.
That is why King Slayer returns to his old self after apologizing to Bran, why the Dragon lady becomes evil and burns the city that murdered his father. And many more of the quick character changes is for Bran to seek out his vengeance and take over the world.