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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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17-Oct-2020, 12:16 PM

I Just wanted to say, Hal, John and all who participated a lot in this edit. Guys, you are amazing. You did Such an amazing and Creative work. Its what this fansom should be about, about sharing SW world together in a positive, productive Way. Its Just incredidble, how you all basically remade and SAVED the last chapter of the saga we all love.
Hal, you basically made this movie watchable. When I left the theater in december, i was devastated. I was waiting So many years for E9 and I truly believe in this movie. And I was So dissapointed. I decided to never watch this movie again in my life. For me, the saga eneded with E8.
And then this topic started. And new ideas were by one. And then, you guys started to make those beautiful pieces, step by step, and I believed again this movie can be SAVED. That i can enjoy it and consider it a decent epilogue of the saga. And then it came out (i mean the v6 workprint). And its amazing. Its brilliant what you did. I enjoy watching this movie again. Its far from Perfect. But at least, its good. I enjoy watching it. And I love the ghosts, i like purple saber, and Palpatine Doesnt explain spirit passing blah blah to Rey. And I adore the ending, with the chess scene and Falcon flying off and all. It feels like a proper ending.
This version of the movie is Perfect for me. Its the E9 i waited for, i thought i d never See it and now its here. Its now. It exists. Because you guys made it.

HAL and All of you, all of you who gave ideas, who did some shots, scenes, audio etc. Big thank you to all of you. Fans saved Star Wars. Its unbelievable what a United Group of Creative Fans can do.
You guys are my heroes. For me, E9 was made by Disney and OT trilogy crew 💪🏽 i hope one day George Lucas and JJ Abrams get the chance to See this fanedit 🖖🏼 May the force be with you people, im sure its strong with this community.