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The Thread Where You Wax Rhapsodic about Your Book Collection
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16-Oct-2020, 6:18 PM

A while ago i bought a bunch of IDW comics editions of some Al Williamson Secret Agent Corrigan and Alex Raymond Rip Kirby. I also have the Al Williamson Russ Cochran publishing Star Wars on the same shelf. And the deluxe limited edition of The Star Wars. That was a gift. The Art of Return of the Jedi first edition. The Star Wars and Return of the Jedi portfolios by Ralph McQuarrie.

Some random Dark Horse, Marvel and DC stuff i have in a box of comics. And i have a whole shelf of books on Icelandic Sagas, Mythology and a whole Tolkien and Robert Jordan shelf of books i haven’t touched in years.

I had a much bigger Star Wars and Tolkien collection i gave away to the library and friends/family. It all takes up too much space. I gave away my first editions of Lord of the Rings and the Silmarillion. All my Edgar Rice Burroughs paperbacks still sit on a shelf or are in boxes. My first edition of a Princess of Mars is in a draw somewhere. I have all the Frazetta books from the John Carter series. I have only a couple of the Venus series.

I found i have some stuff i never knew i had or had forgotten as well. Like Star Wars illustrated screenplays, radio drama scripts a bunch of EU. Laurent Bouzereau annotated screenplays. The making of return of the jedi, a journal of the empire strikes back once upon a galaxy. Empire strikes back notebook etc.

I gave away my first edition of Rinzler’s making of Star Wars. Large coffee table book took up space, i enjoyed reading it though the one time i did.