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Anakin Starkiller
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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (WIP)
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15-Oct-2020, 1:37 AM

For TROS there is no way around the spirit transfer ritual. It’s an integral part of the plot, so discussion of its removal is moot.

Except you could easily make it so that sucking the lifeforce of the dyad was Palpatine’s plan all along, allowing you to remove any mention of soul transfer.

Would it be worth adding Palpatines transmission from Fortnite? That would make a good intro

We’ve discussed it extensively by now, but seeing as it’s the last film in the Saga, maybe we could break tradition the way I did with the end credits being quiet. Basically, open the film with Palpatine’s message interrupting the crawl. Wait no, that doesn’t sound good. Maybe what could work is instead of panning down to a ship or planet, the camera stays still on the starfield as Palpatine’s message begins playing. Queue a montage of the First Order, Resistance, and various planets listening to it.

But in all honesty, unless you wanna use it as a way to cut the opening lightspeed skipping scene, you might as well just do like Hal and throw into the briefing scene.