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Return of the Jedi: The Destiny Edition v1.0 | Theatrical Reconstruction in 4K (Released)
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13-Oct-2020, 3:00 PM

I’m blown away by the folks on here. A couple of months ago I never knew that anyone was trying to preserve the holy trilogy in all its original glory. I thought it lost to time, never to see the light of day again. Then by chance on twitter I found out about the 4KXX project, which led me here.

When I got here, I learned that there are multiple projects on the go. In the last week I managed to get my head round and follow the crumbs to get a hold of Harmys Despecialised editions. Not seen them yet though, as I promised my lad we would watch them together with him. But just my luck, the week I figure it out, he is snowed under with project work at Uni.

Whilst following the crummbs to figure out how to access the 4KXX versions so I can compare and decide what version I would lean into as my goto, I discover this project as well. Damn you folks are dedicated and my mind blown as to how much talent and time is involved and being devoted to preserving the movies I grew up with.

Kudos to you folks, kudos!