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What's so great about ESB?
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12-Oct-2020, 7:23 PM
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pleasehello said:

CatBus said:

ray_afraid said:

You mean after he catches her from falling & is clearly trying to listen for something? Yeah. Ok.

Yep, that’s right when she tells him to let go and he doesn’t. She immediately repeats the demand and eventually convinces him to let her go, since his excuse of “I’m only continuing to grab you because I’m unable to hear anything without my grabbers extended” doesn’t seem to be resonating. Then after he makes a sexual innuendo and leaves the room, she punches the wall. That’s the scene, you’ve got it.

He makes the sexual innuendo? It seems more to me that she makes the sexual innuendo.

She tells him his attentions are unwanted and unreciprocated, which draws attention to the existing sexual element of his persistent grabbing (calling out his “I always grab people and refuse to let go when I listen – I grab Chewie and make him sit on my lap all the time, honest” excuse).

He responds by going full innuendo.