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A few reviews . . (film or TV)
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12-Oct-2020, 12:38 PM

A Perfect Getaway - 2009 - 6/10

Oh, those turistas. Especially the twenty somethings.
Irritatingly upbeat, eager for risky adventures, seeking trouble.
This had been on my list for awhile, but the females always vetoed with, “No more dead teenager films.”
Perfect Getaway is not a dead teenager flick.
A honeymoon couple starts trekking the remote Kalalau Trail.
They learn that other honeymooners had been murdered by a mysterious couple.
Could the killers be the creepy hitch-hikers they refused to give a ride to? Or the crazy vet and his cracker girlfriend?
Nice thriller with good twists.
Milla Jovovich and Steve Zahn stand out, but all leads give decent performances.