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The End of the Jedi (2-in-1 of Ep. 8 and 9) (V1 Released)
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11-Oct-2020, 8:56 PM

Glad you guys like the trailer!

madmanasunder said:

I really like the trailer. Out of curiosity, is the fleet “conjured” in your take? I only watched RoS once so I don’t even know if I remember it well enough to think of if that plot point would be removable or not, but that was probably the thing that bugged me the most if memory serves.

No, the fleet is shown but there is no mention of where it comes from. And the ships do not burst out of the ground, because that’s just silly! I like to imagine that the fleet is some kind of imperial remnant.

Skybatman said:

sooo much good, but you will not re-edit the Force Awakens ?

I think there are plenty of good edits of TFA and it doesn’t suffer the kind of structural problems that the second two movies do. This edit is a sequel to TFA, trying to resolve the story in the best way possible.