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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Redux Ideas thread
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11-Oct-2020, 10:46 AM
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thebluefrog said:

OutboundFlight said:

jarbear said:

How is changing the look of an established thing to make it “new” makes sense? That’s like Vader’s lighter saber turning black during the final battle cuz … he’s fighting for the emperor/reasons!

If you wanna change the look for something cuz it looks cool … that’s your choice and go for it with your own edit … and this is a general redux thread for the movie … but trying to justify it and be angry that people don’t agree using valid reasoning is silly and bad story telling/writing.

I disagree. If Vader used the force on the Emperor in 1983 and his sword turned black, it would have been written in as a new force power that happens when you become super angry or reach your destiny or whatever and fans would follow it adamantly. The same as Luke (a Jedi) now having a green lightsaber.

Yep. People get too bogged down with the weight of canon and don’t remember the things that have “always been this way” were new ideas at one point. I mean, take why Mace Windu has a purple lightsaber:

Lucas: Good Jedis only use blue and green. Bad guys only use red. This is how lightsaber power works.
Jackson: Please?
Lucas: Ok.

There, canon suddenly changed.

Reasonable argument, but doesn’t quite fit the mold specifically about changing something that has always been “this” to “now it changes to “this”. The first Star Wars movie introduced different colored lightsabers. More colors came after that movie. So the door was opened right away for that and continued. The audience can see the bad guys consistently used red throughout. Could they use other color sabers? Sure! But they like red … just like a gang can have a “rule” to only wear orange sleeveless hoodies.

Force lighting has stayed the same look throughout the trilogy. Same in the OT, PT and ST.

And no, the argument “ well Lucas could have done “x” and people/fans would accept it” is a bad argument. Trying to use a “what if” to justify a reason to do something new/different is bad, come on man. “Let’s make “x” glow when using the force cuz Lucas could have done that in “y” movie to support it…”